Between the 8

So whats between where the 8 splits leaving the desert?

On the way up you may pass the Guardian, look to the right he's about 1000 feet off the 

Freeway about 1/2 mile before the first Devils Canyon bridge.

Well once on the top heres a pano shot looking back from the way up.

A few more random shots

Lots of mines , here and there.

Heres one from Steve Unwin, if you feel like climbing more go to the highest peak and find this.

You will find this on top!

Well the Big horn are out here also. They eat cactus. This one is keeping an eye on me!


October 12 2013 Hike to Devils peak.

Started at the lower bridge close to the desert on hwy 8. Took 3 hrs to get to the peak. 

Temperatures was in the mid 90's. Once at the base it just got harder. Ridge of large boulders that

Finally broke up in a saddle enough to climb over.



On the way down the 8 freeway theres huge storm drain tunnels under the freeway which you could drive a bus through.

Videos, They are big so do something while they download!

 On the way up HERE

The middle HERE

The Mine HERE

More on the mine HERE ( Find Garnets in Inkopa gorge page 21)

On the way out HERE

Hope they work!


So whats up there, nothing but exercise!