Welcome to Imperial County Off-Road Vehicle Association. This association will promote the local Imperial valley communities and businesses through the seasonal   Off-Road Recreational community. If You want your local Imperial County business a spot here, contact us!  Be sure to review our highlighted local businesses and when out here wheeling and if you require something please visit them!! We're sure they will have what you need. If your a local Imperial business and would like to have you business highlighted, contact us! Enjoy your visit!

Hiking and Wheeling.

Many of these trails can be dangerous. Some are for experienced individuals. Know what your limits are before attempting.


11.01.2019 Temporary Closure of Bradshaw Trail Closed up to February 2020.

Closure PDF Here



Guess I need to post more . Heres some pictures of the Carrizo Gorge Pictographs.

Click HERE for more pictures of the Carrizo Gorge Pictorgraphs.

01-23-2015 Indian Hill .

Appears that some wheelers took out the fence and drove to Indian Hill. This is how trails are being lost. Park Ranger Don was patching up the broken down fencing. He was pretty cool about it.

I wouldn't have been. Don was recently transferred to this side of the Park from the north side. 

Welcome to this side of the Park Don!


                                          Peaked Mountain Survey Markers:    


                                                          Jacumba (Admin)                                     Devils Mountain (Admin)                                          Whitney (Cabin 96)            

                                 Jacumaba Mt Marker 

                                      San Jacinto (Cabin 96)                           El Cajon  (Cabin 96)                                   INKO   Admin


                                                                              MOAN Admin                                                            Lost Admin                                                           GERT Admin


                                                          GRUNT Admin