Pinyon Mountain Trail

The Pinyon Mountain Trail is one of the favorite trails of the Borrego park. If you have'nt done this trail, go with some one first who has. Stock vehicles have been known to complete this trip. No wide bodies should be taken through! The trail starts just off the Shelter valley area. It winds itself on down to the Fish Creek .

Pinyon Mountain Trail Start













Photos up to Heart Attack Hill, snow or no snow.







Squeeze! One tight spot!















Heart Attack hill. Be careful of this hill. One slip and it'll ruin your day! A little known spot is Harpers Dam, its located in the Pinyon wash just after HA. Wonder how they got the cement there in 1910?







Yeah you can get down heart attack safely

















You will climb on out at the beginning of Fish Creek. There's one small tough small water fall to get up to get out to FC.













With a small group its usually lunch time when you get to Split Rock.













Along the way through Fish Creek theres Sandstone Canyon, a neat canyon to go into. Becareful, its tempting to speed through the wash and do donuts. All your rig needs to do is have a tire catch a large boulder and you'll flip. See enough of these rolls out there! Thats going to cost somone some dough! The park can ticket you for reckless driving!

But hey Fish creek has some outstanding geo features. An earthquake faults runs through it and a long time ago theres evidence of old corral reefs.








Sandstone Canyon! Well worth going into!







For over 25 years we have been going all the way to the end. Now the park has closed off the end section. I would guess that there's been some unlawfull wheeling back there. We will check with the park to see why its been closed down!





















Chugging on through a canyon at the bottom of Diablo drop-off. And a shot from up above!








Last out Canyon sin Nombre

















The tracks on the Google map are 52 miles long, its a trail which will take over 12 hrs to complete. Throwing in the now closed Devils Canyon the trip would have taken 18 hrs to complete in a small group with the final out at Mountain Springs.. As pictures become available I'll fill in the blanks.

Garmin .gdb tracks HERE