Blue Sun Cave

Blue Sun Cave 8x10

The Blue Sun Cave, as it's called by some, eluded me for 3 years.

I had heard of its existence, and even saw pictures of it on the Internet; but no one was telling how to get there. I searched Internet story, after Internet story. No directions to be found. I pieced together clues from shadows in the pictures, and time frames given by some on how long it took to hike there. I was pretty excited when I found a map that showed where Indian Hill was located. That was where I heard I'd find the Blue Sun Cave. Now I only needed to wait for a cool day, that coincided with a free schedule. I jumped at my first opportunity. With maps, and water bottles, and pliers for removing cactus needles, I scoured the Indian Hill area. No day spent hiking in the deserts is a bad day, but this day could have ended happier. My GPS and map had led me astray.

It was a year later when that opportunity of a clear schedule and cool temps came around again. This time I was able to eliminate the vast area I searched the previous year. I was sure I would finally find the drawings that told of secrets over 10,000 years old. Once again the daylight dimmed, and I retreated back to my Jeep without a single picture of the elusive cave.

Another year passed. Britain and his wife had also fallen prey to my longing to find this place, and came along to help. The search moved even further from my original area. The hike was slow paced and deliberate. My target area was going to be some rough climbing, and I wanted to preserve my strength. In my mind I'm still a 28 year old, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and faster than a speeding bullet....but my 60 year old body tends to scream out to that mind.....Are You Crazy? So I compromise. I exert myself past my limits and suffer my penance the next 3 weeks. 

And so it went. The three of us scoured the area. We soon lost sight of each other as we climbed this way and that. I crested one mountain of boulders, and began my descent down and around to the eastern side of my grid. As if guided by divine intervention, I paused and looked up into the maze of boulders rising to my left. The shadows revealed a cave opening. I climbed higher. Through the zoom lens on my camera, I was able to make out dark spots on the walls. Not wanting to lose my footing and fall, or injure my ankles or legs, I forced myself to calculate each step. Closer and closer. There it was. The Blue Sun Cave. I crawled in and laid on my back soaking it all in. Over 10,000 years ago an ancient dweller to the region laid in this exact spot and told a story with paintings that remain still.

After my awe subsided, I collected a zillion pictures, then went and found my hiking buddies. It was a good day of hiking in the desert. It was even better for being able to share the day with friends. Then to get home and review the pictures and reflect on the end of a three year quest, ......priceless.