I may have been mistaken

I think I may have been mistaken...not necessarily wrong, but not entirely accurate. So as an effort to rectify this, I would like to follow up on my Spark Plug story with some conclusions that seeped into my head after enough time had passed for me to forget the bruised knuckles and the multiple trips to the Auto Parts stores. I had concluded that my check engine light warnings were a result of my new High Performance spark plugs. After all, the light came on as I did my test drive to the corner and back. I had just changed the spark plugs, thus....the logical problem is the spark plugs. I'm old and fat, and I don't do much jumping, but I sure jumped to conclusions that night. I was so busy jumping to that conclusion that I totally forgot about all the whining I did about the stuff that was in my way. The AEM air intake tube for instance. The little rubber hose from that thing to my PVC check valve, was stuck on there pretty good. At one point I thought maybe it would just be easier to leave it connected and pop out the PVC valve. Tugging and yanking on that valve was even more of an effort than breaking that hose loose! Putting some channel locks on that hose finally did the trick. Have you figured it out yet? I changed out those spark plugs several times. Only after I put in the correct specified plugs and installed a new PVC valve, did the check engine light go out. DUH!! The problem just may have been the PVC valve from the Git-Go. I just needed to mull over the total experience for a few days to give my brain time to work things out. I was a child of the 60's, and a lot of brain cells were sacrified in those years. The few cells left that still function, are having to pick up the slack, and as a result, a tad slower.

So I may have been mistaken about the more expensive spark plugs being totally wrong for the TJ. I don't admit to being wrong though. When I pulled them out after only 15 or 16 miles of use, they already had carbon stains on the tips. So I think maybe they weren't firing all that great anyway. So tugging on that PVC check valve just may have been the whole cause for that check engine light dilemma...or maybe it was the spark plugs too...I should probably just sit back a couple of days and think about that.