Cougar Buttes 2013

Cougar Buttes wheeling trip 2013

My family and some friends spend a 3 day weekend in Cougar Buttes. The wheeling can be difficult but the hard stuff is mostly optional, allowing a mixed rig type group to all have their kind of fun. The camping is near the wheeling, so this makes possible 2 or 3 outings in a day. The trails where there are trails are relatively short which allows you to get lots of them in for each day. Mostly the wheeling consists of areas of play, where you choose your own obstacles or combinations to suit your interest. There's plenty do do out there and it would take at least a few more weekends to feel that i had seen everything Cougar Buttes has to offer. Check out the pictures and the maps for a better idea of what this place is like.

Here its important to note that every wheel is touching the ground. This kind of obstacle is where articulation matters most. Nora is kind enough to pause while I take a picture.