Powder House II

Hike to Powder House II.  This hike is actually to a R&R service road above the R&R tracks in the  Carrizo Gorge. This Service road is north of the trestle. It runs about 3 miles along the top. How you get to it pick your poison. My first attempts were cross county from the east ( Indian hill area). But once on top I realized this attempt would need to start around 5am. The top is pretty rocky but not as bad as getting up on top. But I will explore this area later. My route in was off the tracks north ( by the sand dam wall)  then south.

I did find another trail north east of this one. I think at one time it also connected somewhere to this one. I found parts of a trail coming back through the stream bed. 

10 miles total ( only 4 to Powder house II) , I have a problem when I see something I need to go investigate so I'm all over the place. 6 hrs total.

Pictures are clickable for larger image.

Started here.

Head south


Looking back towards Sand Dam and R&R tracks

I went over the ridge but could have went straight up the stream bed. Once on top you can see the trail cut into the hill.

Start of the trail. At points it just disappears but not hard to stay on.

These photos are taken along the trail.

More of the service road ahead cut along the hill.