Gert BM 2018


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The Gert Benchmark is located in the Anza Borrego State Park. It's located on the South Mesa which is north of the Carrizo Creek area. My wife and I started the hike at the end of Canyon Sin Nombre next to Carrizo Creek. It would be a hot day with temperatures in the low 100s. We were prepared with plenty of water and physical shape to do so.

Along the way, we found interesting things and explored some of the badlands.

  G1  G2  G3

  We picked this ridgeline to go up. It was difficult near the top the soil was very loose. So one step up and you slid down 2. By this time is was in the mid-90s. 

  G17   G4  G5  

On the top of South Mesa.

  G7  G12  G16

The top was fairly flat and we found some washes that afforded some shade for cooling down.

  G19  G11 G9

There were 3 Benchmarks located on the east side of the Gert wash. The location was about 3.5 miles from where we started. Temps now were in the 100s.

  GM1  GM2  GM3

We went through about  6 liters of water. We also carried a mister for cooling down somewhat. So down we go and finish this hike.

  G15  G13 G14